Combat Map

Combat Map

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I Had Another Idea

I started a Pathfinder Play-by-blog game back in March. Mostly it has been a success. Inspired by my new Hero System 6th Edition rule books that came in the mail today, I am interested in trying to expand the concept to Champions.

Here is what I am thinking. I am offering three ways to participate:

1) Play a hero – be one of up to six regular players of the campaign. You would create a character and play it on every turn. I am thinking around 300 pts and 100 pts of complications

2) Play a villain – be one or more of the significant villains of the campaign. You would create a character and play turns whenever your villain’s storyline caused them to make an appearance. You will also be able to advance your plots and goals through e-mail. I am thinking around 500 pts and 150 pts of complications. Use the extra points to make a villain to take on the group or make them similar in power but buy followers, a vehicle and/or a base. There is no upper limit of players for this option. Ideal for folks that do not want to make the daily commitment or just like being the bad guy.

3) Play a hero and a villain – You can do both. You could play your hero and his own hunted (or someone else’s). Play both sides of the fence and get the most participation.

I have set up a new blog at

I will work out the modified play-by-blog rules and the campaign background over the next few weeks. I will also create a new web page dedicated to the game off of my web site I will use it to host character sheets, the play-by-blog rules and any game related material.

I think that I may try to run the new 6th edition rules. If anyone needs a copy, let me know. I will be looking for ways to streamline the game play to allow for processing actions in a timely manner. As I am currently envisioning, I expect that a 12 segment combat will take about two weeks to process.

If you are interested, please let me know and tell me which option you are interested in. I plan to keep the heroes to a group of six. I would like them to be heroes, not anti-heroes, dark avengers or monsters. Villains can run the gambit from greedy mercenary to homicidal clown. Once you have a character concept, we can work on your character(s).

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  1. you know I'm 'in'.

    I vote for option 3, hero & villian.